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Fresh, yet experienced...

Bryony is an exciting new face to British TV.  As a farmer’s daughter she’s a countryside girl with a passion for all things outdoors. Her work as a presenter has already included working for high profile names in the media including The BBC and Sky within the last four years.  Whether she’s presenting with animals or while hiking in the hills, Bryony is known to bring a lot more than just a smile to the camera. She’s full of ideas and has the ability to produce as well as present. She brings warmth, personality and a whole lot of chatty charm to any project.

Presenter Credits

Presenter for Brodericks ‘Our Colombia Story’ (2018)

Presenter for CSJ ‘Away with Dogs’ Series 2 (2018)

Presenter for Canary Wharf Group (2018)

Presenter for Brodericks Coffee ‘Bean to Cup’ (2018)

Presenter for Brodericks Coffee ‘Health Kicks’ (2018)

Presenter for Sky ‘Property Question Time’ (2017)

Presenter for Sky ‘Property TV – Living the dream’ (2017)

Presenter for ‘Animology’ product advertising (2017)

Presenter for Radio Lollipop, Manchester Children’s Hospital (2016-2017)

Presenter for ‘Away with Dogs’ CSJ Sheep Dog Trials (Pilot)(2016)

Presenter for ‘Natures Larder’ bush craft and outdoor cooking (Pilot) (2015)

Presenter for ‘Clinique’ online product advertising (2015)

Presenter for Number Aerobics, Cbeebies/BBC Learning Event (2014)

"Sunday went brilliantly and Bryony was a joy to work with. Everyone liked her and was impressed by her professionalism and enthusiasm which lasted throughout the day. She basically fitted in perfectly with everyone and had lots of good ideas and suggestions... She also picked up and took on board a great deal of information about the sport from our ‘expert’, Mike Northwood, who got on extremely well with her too. The sound and camera guys also said how good she was to work with and were even talking about what things they would like to do or implement “next time’ which is always a positive isn’t it!"

Ceri Rundle – Away with dogs