Mountain a Month Challenge - No 2 - Kinder Scout - The Peak District

Mountain a Month Challenge - No 2 - Kinder Scout - The Peak District

Mountain 3: Kinder Scout - March

We set off from Edale car park after having some warm porridge in the van and laughing at ourselves for trying to vlog about things you should take hiking… as the truth is, we have no idea.

Between us we have lots of optimism but not a lot of hiking experience or knowledge of the area but we’re keen to get outdoors for the day so it’s boots on and we’re off.

We walk past Edale train station and down a pretty country lane. Edale has everything you’d expect from a quaint rural English village; cute stone cottages, an old church with a wobbly steeple and the smallest primary school I’ve ever seen.  As teachers we imagined what it’d be like working there (we decided ‘cute’ would become ‘annoying’ quite quickly) as we followed the road up to the narrow, ivey covered turn off for the footpath.  

We crossed a bridge going over a pretty river which Sarah loved and Emma the dog excitedly sped across. Once out of the small patch of woods we were exposed in large fields with sheep grazing (Much to Emmas’ annoyance, back on the lead).  

It’s not exactly the blue sky, sunny day I’d hoped for but it’s not raining which is the main thing. The IOS app isn’t working so I have no idea where we’re going but Sarah doesn’t seem worried (or doesn’t know) and it feels good to be out walking. 

After a while (and no signs posts) we settled for the trusted method of just ‘follow the people in front’ and headed up a path that at least felt the right direction.

Despite the wind constantly whipping my face and being so loud we couldn’t really chat, it was remarkably peaceful up on the ridge. There’s something about looking a large open expanse of nature that is instantly calming.  Up on the ridge you get an incredible 360 view of the rolling green hills of The Peak District and just getting this far already feels 100% worth it.  

The Toors at the top are pretty impressive and we break to capture Sarah doings some yoga poses ontop of one of them. It’s so windy that she only just manages it before bailing and just hugging the rock for dear life. I’m too busy laughing and trying to keep hold of my phone in the forceful gusts of wind to capture anything good. We did at least get this one!

Another 40mins later and we try to find a sheltered area for some lunch, it’s so exposed up here we ended up hunkering down in a bog area.

Sarah was put in charge of snacks. When I opened my rucksack I found that instead of the obvious (and easy) options like chocolate or biscuits…she’s purchased a massive carrot, peeled it, wrapped it in wet kitchen towel and then tin foil.

I mean…healthy…but weird!

We reach what we call ‘The Top’ but the truth is, neither of us are that confident if this is even Kinder Scout but that doesn’t bother us, we haven’t stopped laughing and have been hiking for a solid 2 hours.  We stay along the top ridge and then drop down the other side back into large green fields and the sight of Edale in the distance.

Hikers seem to sometimes question ‘Solitude or Side Kick’ when out walking…. for me, it’s not a difficult decision. Hikes like this one with bubbly Sarah remind me it’s side kick all the way!


Difficulty rating 4/10

Time Taken 3hrs

Elevation gain: 436M

Date climbed 31st March 2018



1.  Hike with bubbly friends that make bad conditions and being lost funny and not a drama

2. Pack snacks (Energy bars and Bananas usually do the job…or carrots)

3.  Try yoga poses ontop of the Toors (if it’s not too windy)

4. Remember coins for Edale Car Park

5. If you’re using The IOS MAP App, make sure it’s working before you go.


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