Surfing with the Girls

Surfing with the Girls

I think one of the best things about turning 30 is feeling more comfortable with who you are, that sense of ‘this is me, take it or leave it’ finally kicks in. YAY!  I don’t know about you but my 20s seemed to demand a lot…to look a certain way, to find a certain guy and start a career that you’re supposed to love but then give up to have babies… just as you get started!? Stressful and confusing!

Your 30’s however, is all about saying Fuck-it, I’m gonna just be me and do what I want to do and the rest of you can join in if you fancy it…. I LOVE IT!

THIS is Wednesday nights Ladies Surf Club on Polzeath Beach, REAL girls having fun and learning to surf together. It’s simple but perfect and there was no ‘trying to be cool’ or doing it for anyone but themselves. The self confidence from this amazing team of women was subtle but powerful. I loved it when I asked if I could take a picture, post surf, wet hair, no makeup and essentially in a rubber onesie… they said yes!


You know how Instagram and magazines love to make surfer girls look like….Lying on the board in a bikini, back arched, bum out, perfectly curled hair, sparkling lips, on turquoise water.

I’m not saying this is bad, I think they look amazing and if I was offered a water photo shoot in Hawaii with a team of professionals … I’d say Yes!


But that’s all it is….a  photo shoot and not what REAL surfer girls look like or do. I think we should be showing more of the freckles, the straggley hair and the slightly blood shot eyes that comes with ACTUALLY surfing in cold, salty water in the UK after a days work on a Wednesday night and I want YOU to get involved too!

That’s what REAL surfing looks like and George’s surf school completely embodies this.  I had the pleasure of chatting with George the day after the surf session to get to know him a bit better and hear more about the ethos behind his company…but really, I didn’t need to.

George has one of those personalities that’s so thoughtful and genuine you pick up on it straight away. His sensitive approach to coaching this ladies surf session was so apparent and enjoyed by everyone that our coffee the next day simply affirmed what I already believed.

George’s insights into surfing and mindfulness, his passion for encouraging women into the sport (in particular those that might feel isolated in rural Cornwall) and the leadership he brings to his team is no accident. George has drawn on 20 years of experience in coaching sport but also isn’t afraid to mix in his own life experiences that brings a unique and holistic approach to his surf club.

Forget whatever you think surfing looks like or means and come and give George’s Surf School a try. He allows you to take whatever you want from the session and encourages you to think about how you feel before going in the water. There’s nothing pushy or extreme about this club, it’s about tuning into whats right for you, right there and then. When you combine that with the support of other girls around you, the expertise and safety of the coaches and on this occasion….the perfect sunset… You could find yourself having the best surf session of your life.

If there's a will there a wave.png

Polzeath ladies Surf Club runs throughout the year and is a fun, safe way to get out in the water, do some exercise, clear your mind and maybe… catch a wave or two!

To book your place email or call 01208 479006 to find out more.


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