3 Things I love about Animals Women’s Winter Wetsuit

3 Things I love about Animals Women’s Winter Wetsuit

Trying on wetsuits should be a classified sport… you get out of breath, sweat, stretch and after throwing in a few lunges and surfing pop ups to check the movement you’ve basically done a full on workout Bikram stylie. Do that 5 times for 5 different wetsuits (WINTER wetsuits I might add) and you’ve burned more calories than a HITT class.  

Do you’re research first to avoid unnecessary changing so here’s my review on one of Animals Women’s Winter Wetsuits to help you on your way!

Animal Phoenix 5.4.3 Winter Wetsuit

A Winter wetsuit that’s actually flexible! YAY, they finally did it! J

This wetsuit has ‘A-flex neoprene’ throughout which basically means overall it is SUPER STRETCHY!  It’s called a 5/4/3/ because it has 3 different levels of thickness so your legs have 5millimeters of wetsuit around them, your chest has 4 and your arms have 3 making it feel more like a summer wetsuit while still keeping you warm….Clever! If you need a lot of movement around your arms (like paddling for surfing) then the thinner level of wetsuit around here really helps and is enforced with the very cool sounding “power paddle zones”! ooooo. #noidea! (I think they’ve put extra stretchy fabric in your arm pits and use special stitching so it all moves easily). Either way… the flexibility of this wetsuit is amazing. 

Other things I love

The front zip ;)

Apart from the fact these are really cool and ‘newish’ in the wetsuit world, they are great for keeping a seal around your neck while not giving you any kind of rash. It depends on your skin but if you’re slightly fair and sensitive like me, the old style wetsuits will give you a lovely red ring around your neck. If going for the strangled look isn’t your thing then these front zip, seal skin necks are for you (no seals were harmed in the making).

This style also helps make you look like a pro before you’ve proved otherwise. The only downside is you can’t ask a hot guy at the beach to help zip you up at the back any more. Hmm.

Third thing I LOVE about this wetsuit is…

1.     THE COLOURS… BLUE and PINK … YES Bright is Beautiful (and practical)!  There are some colour variations for this wetsuit but I love the tones of this one! The other truth is I’m a terrible swimmer (click here for my wild swimming challenge vlog) so standing out is particularly good and well…necessary!. Who came up with black for wetsuits anyway? No one can see you and you look like a seal! And we all know who likes seals…

Final point!

My Dad always used to say ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing’. As a farmer, he worked outside a lot but mostly in the summer months so I take this advice with a pinch of salt.  Instead like to say ‘Don’t let the weather stop you having fun’, admittedly it’s not as catchy as his and kinda the same point but getting a good wetsuit means you can get on with the fun stuff and forget about the icey cold water …well at least a little bit!  

So while I’d much rather be back in Sri Lanka surfing in a bikini in turquoise blue water (click here for surfing SriLanka Vlog) I have to face the reality that I live in The UK and if I want to improve… I’m gonna have to suck it up and do some UK winter surfing practice.

 For those of you much more hardcore than me and surf all year round anyway please pass on some tips on how to get the mental strength to go surfing in winter and what wetsuit you use!

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