Thanks for checking out my blog and finding out what I’m “About”!?
For anyone else that’s written one of these sections, you’ll know it’s the hardest bit by far.

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Do I tell you about growing up on our family farm? Keeping pet piglets and suffering the worst childhood haircut of all times…a ginger bob (thanks Mum!)?

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Or do I tell you that my favourite shoes are wellies but I also love a pair of heels? To me being an ‘outdoorsy girl’ doesn’t mean no make up and trekking clothes!

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Perhaps I could tell you that ‘Bryony’ is a pretty little white wild woodland flower, although as my 2 older brothers enjoyed telling me, it is also a class B noxious weed that can be fatal to small animals!

Maybe I could tell you that I only recently learnt to swim despite surfing and kitesurfing for several years and that I love a cold G&T. I do yoga daily but still can’t touch my toes, my secret talent is fire poi, I once worked in a prison and I am obsessed with my ginger cat Vinnie, he even travels around in my campervan with me! (@vinnietheadventurecat)

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Or do I tell you what this is really all about and why I’m so passionate about the outdoors and want to encourage you to get outside more too!

About ten years ago my Dad died of cancer, he was kind, fun and smashed it at being a farmer.

(my early trials at applying make up didn’t go well)

(my early trials at applying make up didn’t go well)

He taught me everything I know and love about nature, appreciating the environment around us but mostly how to have fun in it.

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Before he died he told me to just “be myself”. It was great advice but has taken me until I’m 30 to really figure out.

After 7 years of teaching (and hating it) and probably too many self-help books, I finally feel ready to put myself out there and go after my dreams. YAY!

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Presenter Bryony 2.jpg

…Which is a career in presenting, or in my mind, being paid to chat… my all-time favourite activity. Ask Matt (or my dentist).

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Radio Lollipop Bryony.png

At the moment that’s mostly online for companies that want someone natural and bubbly that cares about their message or product. It sometimes means a bit of Radio at the children’s hospital or simply vlogging on my phone the next time I’m up a mountain.

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While the ultimate dream is to present outdoorsy documentaries on tv one day (Shout out to Countryfile;) it’s much more about taking control of my life, living each day to the full, inspiring others to do the same and most importantly…being myself!

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