Mountain a Month Challenge - No 2 - Kinder Scout - The Peak District

We set off from Edale car park after having some warm porridge in the van and laughing at ourselves for trying to vlog about things you should take hiking… as the truth is, we have no idea.

Between us we have lots of optimism but not a lot of hiking experience or knowledge of the area but we’re keen to get outdoors for the day so it’s boots on and we’re off.

A Mountain a Month Challenge - No 2 - Le Prarion - France

It’s a fresh February morning in Chamonix in France and I’m excited about hiking my 2nd mountain of the year as part of my “Mountain a Month” challenge. The decision to go was very last minute but as I walk down the snowy road in the sunshine with blue sky and mountains towering around me I’m pretty pleased I made it.  What I’m not so pleased about was the decision to leave the planning of this hike up to Matt.